We’re here to help. This is the resource for information about orders, returns, exchanges, assembly and care of Frabill products. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our customer service department, or call (800) 226-9868. We are available Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm and try to return all inquiries within 24 hours.

General Questions

How do I purchase replacement parts for Frabill products?

Call Frabill customer service at (800) 226-9868. Make sure you have the product and original packaging with you, as we may need to ask for a description/measurements and will need to determine the exact model number. Please note we may not have parts for your particular product. Parts may be available a few months to a few years after a product is discontinued, depending on the model and availability.

How do I return a defective product to Frabill?

Before returning anything to Frabill, please call customer service at (800) 226-9868 to obtain a return authorization number (RA#). A customer service representative will give you return instructions and the address at the time of the call.

I have an idea for a new product. Where can I submit it?

We graciously accept product ideas with a patent, provisional patent or patent pending. If you have obtained these records, please visit our Submit a Product Idea form to share with the Frabill team. Please understand we receive many submissions, and you will not receive an immediate reply.

Does Frabill ship internationally?

Our customer service team is happy to assist you in locating an international retailer who carries the product(s) you are interested in purchasing. Please call us at (800) 226-9868.

Can I order from the website if I live outside the United States?

Unfortunately our website doesn’t support orders outside of the United States at this time.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

How do I become a Frabill dealer?

We are always looking to build relationships with dealers interested in selling our products. Submit an application to become a dealer for Frabill and other Plano Synergy brands via the Become a Dealer form.

Order Questions

What business name will show on my credit card statement?

Frabill is a brand that is part of the Plano Synergy group of brands and companies. Please be aware that charges for your purchases will appear on your statement as being from Plano Synergy.

My credit card was charged but I didn’t get my order. What do I do?

When you place an order on Frabill.com, a temporary hold is placed on your credit card. This will show as “pending” on your credit card statement. Payment doesn’t actually process until your order ships. If for any reason your order doesn’t go through or ship, that pending payment will drop off your statement within a few days.

I placed an order on Frabill.com but still haven’t gotten my product. Where is it?

Throughout the order process you should receive two emails from us. The first confirms your order was successfully placed and provides your order number. Check to make sure you have this email. If you didn’t get it, we probably didn’t get your order.

The next email to arrive confirms shipment and includes a tracking number. Click on that number to go to the UPS website where you can follow your Frabill order on its way to you. If the package shows it has arrived but didn’t, or if the tracking information isn’t updating, it’s best to contact UPS directly to figure out next steps.

We’re here to help. So if you didn’t get any emails, if you’re still confused about the status of your order, or if you just to talk through some details – please call us at (800) 226-9868. Our customer service team is available M-F 8:00am-4:00pm CT.

The product I want is out of stock. How do I place an order?

Occasionally some of our most popular products get sold through faster than we can make them. Rest assured we’re aware of the stocking issue and are working to get the item back on Frabill.com for purchase. Once that happens, you’ll see the “Out of Stock” message change to “In Stock.”

Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not deliver orders to P.O. Boxes. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve it!


Where can I purchase a new lid for my Frabill bait bucket?

We have different replacement lids available depending on your product. Call Frabill customer service at (800) 226-9868.

Can I buy a new motor for an aerator or aerated product?

Motors are not available. However, other replacement parts like lids, hoses, stones and power adapters are available. Shop “Accessories” under the “Aeration Systems” category for available options. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, call customer service at (800) 226-9868 to see if we can help.

The hose and stone are missing from my aerator.

In most models, the hose and stone are stored inside the battery compartment. Turn the black knob on the back of the aerator to open the compartment to locate the hose and stone. Please call our customer service team at (800) 226-9868 if you still have questions or problems.

Landing Nets

There are so many landings nets to choose from! How do I find the Frabill net that’s right for me?

When shopping for a landing net on frabill.com, you can go down four different paths to find the fishing net you’re looking for. Your options are: By Series, By Pursuit, By Netting and By Handle. Maybe you’ve already done your research or are looking to upgrade an existing net you have. If you know what Frabill model you’re after, start with the “By Series” navigation so you can shop all the available nets that fit your criteria. If there’s a type of netting or handle you prefer to fish with, the “By Netting” or “By Handle” navigation will be a good place to start. Lastly, “By Pursuit” allows you to shop based on your specific style of fishing – freshwater, saltwater, fly-fishing, etc.

No matter how you shop, picking a net is a personal decision only you can make. This site is meant to be explored by anglers with every level of fishing background. So do as much clicking and scrolling as you need to find the net that’s right for you.

What are the differences between the handle types Frabill offers for its landing nets?

At Frabill, we offer a variety of handle types for our fishing nets. The main categories you’ll see are: fixed, collapsible, extendable and telescoping.

A fixed handle is just what it sounds like – a handle that stays fixed. It’s always the same length. A collapsible or sliding handle collapses inward, sliding into the hoop for easier, compact storage. An extendable handle extends from its standard length to an even longer handle, providing multiple options to reach your catch. A telescoping handle combines both the previous designs, making it both collapsible and extendable. Simply twist to extend or collapse to your preferred length, then twist again to lock in place.

Outside of these main handle types, we offer multiple specialty handles that combine functionality of our core designs to improve the ease of use and dependability. These handle designs include our Power Extend™, Bearclaw™, HiberNet® and more.

My landing net has mesh netting built into the hoop. Can the netting be replaced?

The netting alone cannot be replaced, but in most cases you can purchase the hoop/net assembly. Have your net handy so Frabill can ensure you receive the correct match for your product, then call (800) 226-9868 for assistance.

I need a replacement net. Which one should I purchase?

You’ll need several measurements to select a replacement net.

First, measure the hoop size. Think of the hoop as a clock, with the handle at 6:00. Measure the width between 3:00 and 9:00, and the length from 12:00 to 6:00. Record the hoop size as ‘width x height’ (e.g. 20” x 23” or 32” x 41”)

Next, select a type of netting from the list below:
Rubber: Great for catch and release, 100% tangle-free, very heavy
Mesh or Knotless: Good for catch and release, dipped versions nearly tangle-free, lightweight
Nylon: Extremely strong/durable, dipped to be nearly tangle-free, usually knotted
Polyurethane (Poly): Durable, dipped versions nearly tangle-free, usually knotted

Last, determine the cost you are comfortable with. Sometimes it isn’t feasible to put new netting on a basic fishing net. With shipping and handling, it may cost you more to replace the netting than it would to purchase a new, complete net.

How do I care for my Hibernet®?

Rinse the net after fishing. Before storing long term, open and thoroughly dry the netting. Occasionally lube the slide mechanism in the channel with reel lube.

I’m having trouble opening/closing my Hibernet®.

To open, point the hoop end down. Grasp the slide mechanism with one hand and push it toward the hoop end. The hoop should slide out of the handle. Place your other hand just behind the slide mechanism. Sometimes it helps to steady the back part of the handle snugly against your body.

To close, first rinse and dry the netting. Ensure the netting is hanging free – not wrapped around the hoop. Place one hand on the slide mechanism and the other hand further back on the handle, then pull the slide mechanism toward you. Once the hoop has folded closed, slowly pull it into the handle.

Can I replace the handle or release button on my landing net?

Typically, yes. Please contact our customer service team at (800) 226-9868. Be sure you have the net with you to help our team decide what replacement part(s) you need.

I’m looking for help with a seine net.

Be sure the ends of the net and the bottom of the net are tight to keep minnows or bait from escaping. Do not use in water that is deeper than your seine net. If using in water with any sort of movement, generally you will want to use the seine going upstream for best results. When you finish using the net, look for a clear spot to lay it down in order to remove bait or your catch.

Open Water

How do I select a trap type?

Our crayfish and minnow traps are available in various shapes and sizes. Typically torpedo shapes are preferred for moving water with a current, and rectangular traps wok best in calm water, though both can be used interchangeably. Rectangular traps also work well around underwater structures.

Have any advice on setting a trap?

The key to trap-setting success is proper positioning. Begin with a hand line that is long enough and strong enough for the intended use, plus anchors strong enough to keep the trap from washing away. In a current, point the entry down current as baitfish generally swim upstream. Calm water placements should be in areas clear of obstructions. Set your traps and mark them with a buoy. Leave them overnight and let the bait come to you.

How often should I change worm bedding?

As long as you don’t overcrowd your worms or night crawlers, Super-Gro® worm bedding provides enough food to keep them healthy for up to six weeks. After this length of time we recommend that you change the bedding.

How many worms or nightcrawlers should I put in bedding?

We recommend a maximum of 50 night crawlers or 100 smaller worms per pound of bedding.

Ice Fishing

How can I repair a hole in my shelter tent?

Tent patches in either black or gray are available for purchase through Frabill customer service. Please call (800) 226-9868.

Where can I purchase a third seat for my shelter?

Most Frabill ice shelters are designed for two anglers. Some shelters may list that they can hold “two to three anglers,” but this does not include the number of available seats as sleds are not long enough to accommodate a third seat. Consider adding a bucket seat for a third angler instead.

The window(s) in my shelter cracked in the cold last year. Are replacements available?

Shelter windows are not covered under warranty. However, replacements can be purchased through Frabill customer service at (800) 226-9868.

How do I set up a tip-up?

Follow these simple steps to get your Frabill tip-up in working order:
1) Spool tip-up with braided line.
2) Attach leader (either light test for finicky fish or wire leader for pike).
3) Determine desired depth of bait.
4) Meter out the equivalent amount of line from the spool.
5) Mark this spot with a line marker or small split shot. This will allow you to return to the same depth without having to measure each time.
6) Lower the weighted, baited hook into the water until you reach appropriate depth.
7) Fold flag over the top side of tip-up and turn spool release into a position that holds the flag down. Tip: For heavy baits, use line clip to prevent false flags.
8) Set tip-up over hole.

How do I take care of my Frabill tip-up?

Tip-ups should spin freely with minimal effort. If they seem sluggish or sticky when pulling off line, it’s time to re-lube. Most Frabill tip-ups feature an easily removable spool shaft to simplify re-lubing. Wipe old lube residue out of the spool shaft using a ramrod or other pipe cleaner, then squeeze a small amount of fresh lubricant into each end of the shaft tube. Re-insert the spool shaft in the tube using an in/out motion until the lube is evenly coated throughout. Put it all back together and you’re ready to fish!

How do I select the depth for my tip-up?

Different conditions can dictate where to set your bait. Generally setting within a foot of the bottom or above the tops of dense weeds is best so fish can see the bait. The best rule of thumb is to let the fish tell you where they want the bait. Experiment until you find where the bites are.

Where should I place my tip-up on the ice?

Locate drop-offs and weed edges adjacent to deep water access. These are natural migration routes for game fish and will give you a better chance at locating active fish. Once you successfully locate an active area, concentrate your spread accordingly.

How do I take care of my Frabill ice fishing reel?

Most Frabill reels come pre-treated with Sub-Zero® lubrication. However, cold temperatures are especially hard on reels and can cause lubrication to dissipate to the point that the gears are almost completely dry. This will impede the reel’s performance.

To make sure your reel actuates and cranks smoothly, check your reel regularly and re-lube when necessary. Make sure you use a lubrication that has been tested in low temperatures and clean out any old lube before re-applying. Lubricate the handle shaft, handle shaft channel, main drive, pinion gear and, of course, the spool shaft. But be careful not to overdo it; a small amount goes a long way. After reassembling your reel, crank it for several minutes to let the lube wear in and spread through all the necessary components.