2022 New Products

Universal Bait Station

Finally - a durable yet portable cooler designed specifically for live bait. With a side-mounted aerator and insulated, watertight construction, the Universal Bait Station is a re-invented solution to keep bait safe and healthy. The soft-sided cooler easily follows you wherever the fish are biting, and stays in place with a non-slip base. The quick-access bait door even allows for efficient capture through the lid. Holding up to 8 quarts of water, ice, soil or tackles boxes, the Universal Bait Station fits all your needs and all your bait.

  • Insulated, waterproof interior keeps bait fresh
  • Battery-operated aerator with hose & stone
  • Easy-access bait door in lid
  • Mesh side pocket
  • Durable molded base with non-slip pads
  • Holds up to (4) 3600 StowAway® utility boxes
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Conservation Ultralight 21x24

One-handed catches have never been easier with the all-new Conservation Ultralight net. Catch bigger fish with a larger 21" x 24" hoop. The low-resistance netting and super light carbon fiber handle slide in and out of the water swiftly to reduce strain on you and your catch.

  • 48" Ultralight carbon fiber slide handle
  • Comfortable molded rubber grip
  • Updated Pow’R Lok™ yoke now stronger than ever
  • Modern 21" x 24" scoop-shaped hoop
  • Dipped micro-mesh knotless netting protects fish slime coat
  • MeshGuard™ hoop reduces lure catch points
  • Flat-bottom net to better protect fish
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PowR Source lithium battery

The perfect accessory for any outdoor activity. The 12v lithium Pow’R Source allows you to recharge or power all your favorite devices and accessories in a compact, powerful, easy to use package. The Pow’r Source is water resistant, lightweight and extremely portable.

  • Charging you cell phone, Bluetooth speaker, or other electronic equipment is easier than ever
  • Perfect for suppling power to any outdoor setting
  • 10-amp hour lightweight lithium battery
  • Features 2 USB ports, cigarette lighter plug and binding posts
  • Doubles as a powerful flashlight with red or white LED bulbs
  • Integrated charging port with charger included

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