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Brian 'Bro' Brosdahl Combos


If you wanted to forge the quintessential wood bat you’d tap Babe Ruth. So when Frabill decided they wanted to manufacturer the definitive rod and reel combo, the list of consultants was short. Just one, actually – the name in ice fishing - Brian "Bro" Brosdahl. After months of concepting, ideating, prototyping and testing, the Bro Series was born.

Bro Series Rod  The way a bluegill bites, fights and how bitty baits are presented were all weighed while developing the Bro Series 24-inch Ultra Light. The same thinking held true for seducing and succumbing crappies, perch, walleyes and northern pike – each rod being species and technique specific. From the length to the action to the handle design, all things were considered. Consider yourself wise for choosing one.

Bro Series Reel  Done with repurposed, micro openwater reels for ice fishing? We are. The ice-fishing-specific Bro Series Reel features a tapered front drag to reduce line catch; oversized handle for glovewearers; deep and shallow spool arbors to accommodate multiple line diameters; and the miraculous Sub-Zero® lube. Standard premium reel highlights include a 5 plus 1-ball bearing system; infinite anti-reverse; L/R switchable handle; and a drag that’s smoother than silk stockings.

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