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Product FAQ - Landing Nets
Welcome to the Frabill Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions area. Here, you’ll find the answers to your most frequently asked questions about ordering, assembly and care of Frabill products. If you still can’t find the answer, please contact our Customer Service department e-mail (, or phone (800-558-1005). We try to return all phone calls within 24 hours during normal business days.

Landing Net Questions (General): 

  • My landing net has mesh netting built into the hoop. Can the netting be replaced?

The netting alone cannot be replaced, but in most cases you can purchase the hoop/net assembly. Have your net handy so Frabill can ensure you receive the correct match for your product, then call Frabill Customer Service for assistance at 800-558-1005.

  • I need a replacement net. Which one should I purchase?

    • First, measure the hoop size:

      1. Think of your hoop as a clock, with the handle at 6:00,
      2. Measure the width from 9:00 to 3:00,
      3. Measure the length from 12:00 to 6:00,
      4. Record the hoop size as 'width x height' (example: 20x23, 26x30, 32x41, etc.)

    • Second, select the type of netting you want:

      • Rubber:
        • Great for catch & release
        • 100% Tangle Free
        • Very heavy

      • Mesh or Knotless:
        • Good for catch & release
        • Dipped versions are nearly tangle free
        • Lightweight

      • Nylon:
        • Extremely strong/durable material
        • Dipped to be nearly tangle free
        • Usually knotted

      • Poly (Polyeurethane):
        • Durable material
        • Dipped versions are nearly tangle free
        • Usually knotted

    • Third, determine the cost you are comfortable with:

      • Sometimes it is not feasilble to put new netting on a basic fishing net. With shipping and handling, it may cost you more than just purchasing a new, complete net.

Hibernet Questions: 

  • How do I care for my Hibernet?

    • Rinse the net after fishing.
    • Before storing longterm, open your Hibernet and thoroughly dry the netting.
    • Occasionally lube the slide mechanism in the channel with reel lube.

  • I am having trouble opening/closing my Hibernet.

    • Procedure to open the Hibernet:

      1. Point the hoop end down.
      2. Grasp the slide mechanism with one hand, and push it toward the hoop end, so that the hoop comes out of the handle.
      3. Place your other hand just behind the slide mechanism. Please note: sometimes it helps to steady the back part of the handle snugly against your body.
      4. Push the slide mechanism firmly forward while pulling back with the other hand. Please note: you may need to give an extra firm push to completely open the handle.

    • Procedure to close the Hibernet:

      1. Rinse the netting. If possible, dry the netting before closing.
      2. Make sure netting is free and is not wrapped around the hoop.
      3. Put one hand on the slide mechanism and the other hand back farther on the handle, and pull the slide mechanism toward you.
      4. Once the hoop has folded closed, slowly pull it into the handle.

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