Around the campfire, great stories are great stories, retold year after year to the same audience while newcomers reap the rewards of legend. If the fireside story is compelling, the newly anointed take the tale to another fire-pit and share.

In techno world, it’s described as ‘viral,’ meaning word travels from person to person and grows at first slowly but then exponentially. Shortening our long story, Frabill® knows that’s how the legend of R2-TEC® thermal technology has earned loyalists and spread across the Ice Belt.

Like our new Frabill Extreme Elements (FXE) lineup of super premium outerwear – FXE Stormsuit and FXE Snosuit® – R2-TEC portable ice fishing shelters aren’t engineered for the weekender or casual angler. There are plenty of other companies ‘racing to the bottom’ to make the cheapest products possible to reach prices that should be reserved for bales of hay and badminton sets, not ice fishing gear.

R2-TEC premium fish house fabric entered the scene a couple of seasons ago. And because of a methodically swelling demand as anglers show-and-tell to friends and family, demand grows. In response, Frabill now produces thermally miraculous R2-TEC tents to fit several popular Frabill shelter models, including the show-stopping Predator, new PRO, Guardian and Commando.

Hype –which is all true – out of the way, it’s time to redefine what makes R2-TEC thermal shelter fabric quantum leaps above other thermal ‘fakers’ on the street. The epic tale begins with Norpac R2™-TEC Extreme Outdoor Fabric with Thinsulate™ FR Insulation by 3M. Okay,that’s more than a mouthful. So if you only leave remembering R2-TEC, Thinsulate™ and 3M, you have the key pieces to the puzzle.

In real on-the-ice situations, the techy-terminology translates into unbridled warmth. On average, in side by side tests, R2-TEC shelters are 30-degrees warmer than the competition with their cheesy single-ply, teddy bear stuffing that sweats internally like a sumo wrestler in a sauna. Hate that ‘drip, drip, drip’ coming from the ceiling? We do. Simply doesn’t happen in an R2-TEC shack. She stays dry from the first hole to the last fish.


R2-Tec Shelters