Sick and tired of ice fishing shelter lights?

We sure are, or more accurately, were… Everytime you turn around another set of so-called “new and improved” or “revolutionary” shelter lights lands on the store shelves. We say hogwash. Most don’t live up to half the hype. But in Frabill’s world, you can’t poke at the problems without offering solutions. So we did, and our shelter illumination solutions travel by the names Super Bright Shelter Light and Super Bright Shelter Light Bar.

It’s best to identify the problems to illustrate our solutions – those solutions materializing as features on the final product.

Problem: Fish houses are warm, but inherently dark, even by day. Tough to gather enough light to perform basic tasks like tying on a lure or monitoring a bobber.

Solution: Frabill® brings the light, and lots of it. The single lens of the Shelter Light kicks out a scorching 70 lumens. Science aside, in a real and typical fish house setting, that’s like a miniature sun pointing at the objects of your attention. On the Light Bar, four individual 18 lumen lenses join forces to generate 72 lumensof ambient light, equally distributed light that illuminates the entire shelter.

Problem: Light needs to hit what want, when you want. Most shelter lights are fixed, their dull glow pointing in a single direction. You end up having to inconveniently move the action to the light rather than the light coming to the action.

Solution: Frabill’s Shelter Light and Shelter Light Bar are fully directional. The single beacon of the Shelter Light twists and turns to cast light wherever it’s needed. Want to illuminate the minnow bucket? Push the lens and it pivots on command. On the Shelter Light Bar, each of the four lenses pivots, giving you more lighting control than a stage at a Broadway musical.

Problem: The current slate of shelter lights mount poorly and must be removed when you collapse the shelter, or suffer the consequences – a pile of shattered plastic on the fish house floor.

Solution: How about a good snug fit and intelligently engineered shape and size that easily opens and closes with your portable shelter, never putting the lights in harm’s way. Both Frabill’s Shelter Light and Shelter Light Bar feature beveled backs that snug-up to any pole system, and are held firmly in place withan adjustable Velcro fastener.

Shelter Light Bar