Mercedes-Benz calls it the CLClass. Apple says the Mac Pro. At Frabill®, a legendary manufacturer of fishing-specific goods, we’ve knighted it Frabill Extreme Elements, or FXE. The name, the designation, marks the pinnacle of any product in its category. And for 2011, after infinite hours of engineering and testing, we proudly bestow the FXE moniker to the new undisputed first name in fishing-specific apparel.

The ‘Extreme Elements’ in FXE translates to the ability, even challenge, to perform in climatic conditions when most if not all other products fail or crawl home with their metaphoric ‘tail between their legs.’ Our elite FXE Snosuit® is a prime illustration of this overlying ideology and how serious we take the FXE label – this promise to anglers that they can pull the trigger in the store with confidence that as a consumer, they’ve reached the summit.

FXE Snosuit wasn’t made, it was engineered, sparing no costs to become the impossibly dethroned King of extreme cold weather outerwear. There are no challengers. No coups on the horizon. If something dares mount an uprising, however, FXE Snosuit promises to beat it back into the mire.

With that same confidence and engrained philosophy, we set out to engineer the clear cut champion in raingear. Frabill’s FXE Stormsuit achieved that lofty goal. The new mother of all extreme raingear delivers unprecedented degrees of fit, finish, ergonomics, toughness, attention to detail and shielding waterproof capacity. That’s where Frabill earns its ‘Trusted Gear’ moniker; by boldly bringing to market intelligently engineered gear that you can trust from the word go. It’s been that way for over 70 years, and we look forward to being the most trusted name in fishing apparel for the next 70 years.

Trust, too, that FXE has just begun, albeit in ‘big bang’ fashion. There are infinite galaxies and solar systems to pioneer. No matter the universe, you can also trust that FXE will be associated with only the best fishing-specific products. Fishing is what we do. Fishing is all we’ll ever do. And improving the fishing experience is our promise.

We’ll tell you, too, that products earning the FXE name won’t be the least expensive – premium quality has a price. But we will guarantee that they’ll be the best you’ve owned and worth the investment. Again, Frabill is all about earning your trust. FXE takes trust to the ‘Nth’ degree.