I’m a straight shooter when it comes to fishing and the fishing equipment I use. In all my years as an outdoorsman (and many rainsuits)… I have never been more dry than I have been in the Stormsuit ®.

In Arkansas when filming a TV episode, we were hit with snow, that turned to sleet and then a driving rain. Not the optimal conditions for filming but we stuck it out all day. When we arrived back at the cabin… I took the suit off to find out that I didn’t have a DROP of water on my layers underneath. I actually searched for water and couldn’t find any. The legs didn’t slide up on me, the arms didn’t pull up from casting, water didn’t come in through the neck area…. Nothing. I had decided to use another very expensive set of raingear for the last three years… until now.

I have already sold you 2 sets of raingear ordered through Cabelas I believe and I have another two that are wanting the get the bibs at a minimum. I fished yesterday with a buddy that works with me at Okuma. Just before the storm came in, I caught a nice Largemouth and then the storm hit… Same thing… after returning to the house and getting out of the gear, he was wet and I was dry. It’s not hard to push something when they see the results.

Thank you again for the stormsuit®!!!! The other raingear has already been set aside to be used as loaner gear for those in the boat that don’t have any. Attached are a couple of pictures for you to use as you want. The Striper was a fish we got filming. Capt. Ron (holding the tail) wrestled this one in for me to net for him. The second is a 10.70 Largemouth that I caught last night before the rain came.

Thanks again!!!


Mark Rogers | Regional Sales Manager | Okuma Fishing Tackle | Savage Gear Lures | Pakula Offshore Tackle