Better to be up a creek than left without a paddle in the middle of a lake, right?

For any craft that floats, having a trusty paddle aboard isn’t just a wise move, in some locales, it’s the law. But who wants to rob their boat of valuable space with a big clunky oar? Well, you can leave the paint-chipped oar in the boat house. Better yet, hang the antique in the porch to enhance the nautical theme.

New from Frabill® comes another ingenious idea that renders a brilliant solution to an all-too-common dilemma. The Hiber-Net® Paddle accessory snaps into place at the end of any Frabill Hiber-Net, transforming your landing net into a functional boat paddle. Hiber-Net, often called “the most stowable landing net ever devised,” sports a net that actually collapses and vanishes into its heavy-duty aluminum handle. When stowed it’s so compact that the entire Hiber-Net fits inside a rod box, consuming no more space than a broomstick. When you need it, a simple push on the slide-grip opens the net and locks it into place. Pulling back on the grip disengages the net and draws it back inside the handle. Brilliant!

Brilliant is the best way to describe the Hiber-Net Paddle accessory, too. At 6-1/2 inches wide by 14-inches in length the rugged polypropylene Paddle blade fits easily into most boat storage compartments. When you need it, the Paddle simply slides over the open end of the Hiber-Net, locking into place with a heavy-duty steel pull pin.

“This handy Paddle accessory makes carrying a spare oar easy for any angler,” says Frabill New Product Manager. “It’s made of heavy-duty non-corrosive material and snaps securely into place on anyHiber-Net or Hiber-Net XL. Throw one into your boat’s storage compartment where it’s out of the way, but always ready to spring into action when you need it.

“Just one more innovative product that fits in with Frabill’s entire line of Trusted Gear.”


Hiber-Net Paddle