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There's no better way to collect your own live bait than with a Frabill seine net. The number one choice in seines. Have the satisfaction of gathering your own bait and save money at the same time by being your own bait supplier. Frabill's top quality nets don't scrimp on features, quality or performance. Not all seine nets are created equal, don't be fooled by cheap imitations; make sure it's a Frabill!
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SEINE NET 4' X 15' -1/4" MESH
Model: #2155

Shipping to United States Only – All prices listed in US dollars.


  • A reputation for top performance makes Frabill the #1 choice in seine nets; superior quality keeps it that way.
  •  Frabill’s special poly netting won’t absorb water, dries fast. Unlike brown poly nets, moisture won’t rot Frabill floats
  •  Camo black color blends in, won’t spook bait
  •  Heavy-duty floats won’t crush or break off
  •  Evenly spaced floats and weights, for uniform spread and tracking
  •  Does not include net poles
  •  Purchase your seine net large enough so the net can be rolled up and used by a single angler for smaller waters or it can be unrolled for two anglers to cover wider stretches of water.


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1 Item(s) per page
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