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Floating Bait Quarters

A handy natural container for bait, or for storing your game fish. Tie a Bait Quarters to a dock or boat slip, and keep any fish healthy for extended periods. The cleverly designed buoyant top keeps the lid handy for easy access. Weighted bottom maintains a cylindrical shape even in stiff currents. A Velcro® latch keeps pesky birds out. The soft 3/8" white nylon mesh is strong enough to keep fish, yet gentler than traditional wire or metal boxes. Made from non-corrosive materials for a lifetime of fresh or saltwater use. Collapses for easy storage. Check state regulations for use guidelines.
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Model: #1295

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A must-have for panfish anglers or anyone keeping bait in a live well. Separates bait from your catch prevents chasing in the well. Lift the net to retrieve bait. At the end of the day the folding frame forms a handy carrying pouch to transport your catch to the cleaning table. The Livewell Liner will hold plenty of fish

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